Quick Answer: What Kind Of Music Is Zedd?

He primarily produces and performs electro house music, but has diversified his genre and musical style, drawing influences from progressive house, dubstep, and classical music.

Zedd grew up and began his career in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

How does Zedd make music?

Zedd is classically trained and plays both piano and drums. In interviews he speaks up about not owning any hardware in his studio, the majority of his productions being made on a Macbook Pro running his preferred DAW, Cubase. When DJing a live set, Zedd opts for a Native Instruments S4 control surface and Traktor.

Does Zedd write his own songs?

They may Co-write the Chorus or give their inputs but they dont write their own lyrics entirely. Usually, the singers who are featured on their tracks write their lyrics. They create an Instrumental and send it out to song writers who write lyrics and sing on top of these. for eg : Zedd ft.

Is Zedd Russian or German?

From A to Zedd: Russian-German DJ is making his mark. Russian-born German musician, Anton Zaslavski whose stage name is Zedd (with an extra D) is a DJ and electronic music producer on the rise these days. The letter Z. That’s Zed everywhere but in the U.S. of Zee.

Is Zedd a boy or girl?

In response to “Is Zedd a boy or a girl?” he replied: “I think I’m a boy.