Question: Can I Transfer My Music From Apple Music To Spotify?


With STAMP you can move your playlists and favourites or even just the chosen tracks across all the music streaming platforms.

All it takes is a few clicks: select Apple Music, choose tracks you want to be moved and choose Spotify.

You can move all your music on all devices and for free!

Can you transfer Apple music library to Spotify?

Login to your source service (Google Play Music or Apple Music). Select your destination (Spotify) and log in to the service. Select the playlists that you want to transfer. (There’s a Library playlist for Apple music that contains all of your libraries).

How do I transfer my iTunes music to Spotify?

You can import your iTunes playlists to Spotify easily: First, make sure your playlists have been shared from iTunes. To do this: Open iTunes.

Then, open Spotify and import your playlists:

  • Click on File in the menu bar.
  • Select Import Playlists from the drop-down menu.
  • Click iTunes.

Is there a way to transfer Apple music playlists to Spotify?

There’s no direct way to move playlists from Apple Music to Spotify, so to accomplish this task you’ll need to employ a third-party app. Tap Apple Music, then tap the Authorize button. You’ll need a current Apple Music subscription for SongShift to access the information. Repeat the steps, but this time select Spotify.

Can you import music to Spotify?

Make Spotify your all-in-one music player. In addition to over 40 million tracks we offer, you can also use your Spotify app to play music files stored on your device (which we call “local files”). Note: Files or downloads from illegal sources are not permitted.